Thursday, April 29, 2010

Are we a Napa Hotel? Or a Napa Bed and Breakfast?

Are we a Napa Hotel? Or a Napa Valley Bed and Breakfast?

We talk about this in a video on our website,

but this is a question that comes up often on the phone.

Our answer?

We're a bit of both.

Napa Hotels typically have:

·Rooms with private baths

·Nice beds

·Staff that helps you discover the wine country.

We have those things, too.

Plus a few more:

·A great homestyle gourmet breakfast

·Complimentary tasting passes to wineries

·Private winery pourings in our wine cellar

·FREE wireless internet access

·FREE chocolate chip cookies

·FREE evening chocolate desserts

. . . we could go on and on about the "free" stuff all day.

Thing is, most hotels have little itty-bitty charges for things:

$10 per day for high speed internet

$7.99-14.99 per movie for each movie you watch

$25-40 per day for breakfast for 2 people

$20 per day for 'resort charges'

$5-$20 per day for "energy surcharges" (or "wine flossing", or something that sounds expensive, but you never see). ;)

(total of above: $80 per day, or more)

You get the idea.

We give you all of those things-- and more

. . . at no extra charge.

"Free" (included in your rate).

For us, that's a pretty big difference.

And there are so many others!

What is the difference between a Napa B&B, and a Napa Hotel, for you?

-The Innkeepers

Napa Old World Inn

COMING SOON: Napa Bed and Breakfasts vs Napa Hotels: Are the people different?