Sunday, July 12, 2009

Old World Inn Napa Valley News From Your Friends in the Wine Country

Mini Innkeeper Update!

Born last August 25, Katarina Taylor ("KT") is having lots of fun teaching first time parents Russ and Sharon how to do all kinds of new things (catching her as she does backflips off the couch, pulling leaves out of her mouth, waking mom or dad up at 3am for feedings . . .)

KT is growing, sleeping a lot, and likes to go for rides in the car and walks in the park.

And just yesterday (Father's Day), she started walking!

If you are staying with us at the Old World Inn in the coming weeks and months, you won't see much of KT. She's giving mom and dad lessons on being new parents in a cute little house across the street from the Inn, where her cries and coos can only be heard by her adoring mom and pop.

KT does bring Sharon and Russ over to the Inn occasionally to say "Hi" to folks, but only for a minute or two. Rest assured that when you stay with us you will be well taken care of by Alejandra, Carmen, Diane, Joy, Kim, Maria, Rosa, Ryan, and Victor.

More baby pictures and news will be posted soon to our Facebook page!

-The Innkeepers
Old World Inn

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