Friday, June 14, 2013

Old World Inn Napa Bed and Breakfast in USAToday Travel Tips

Lots of folks love to come to the Napa Valley.

For many, one of the hardest questions is:  Where to stay in Napa?

USA Today addresses this in their Hotels in the Napa Area article (a Travel Tips section feature), offering advice on the best lodging properties in Napa.

USA Today had very specific choices, and only a select few made the cut.  In the article, they recommended two Resorts, two large Inns, two Hotels, but only ONE area bed and breakfast.

Wanna guess which one?

Out of almost 100 Napa Valley Bed and Breakfasts, Old World Inn is the ONLY one mentioned in USA Today's Travel Tips.  Our history, daily gourmet breakfast, evening wine reception, and yummy chocolate chip cookies were all mentioned.  Gotta love that!

We've received a number of great awards and acclaim over the past few years.

It's great to get this kind of attention, but it's the guest reviews that mean the most to us.

Our sincere thanks to all of our amazing and wonderful guests for making this such a great place to stay in Napa!

Russ Herschelmann & Sharon Fry
Napa Old World Inn

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely no surprise here. We have recommended it to everyone we know. Best place my husband and I have ever stayed at anywhere! -Martha Boiardt

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